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Every year, we showcase our students' hard work through a recital held at Cohoes High School. We work to let each and every student shine and have the experience of performing on stage. Participation in the recital is recommended, but it is optional. If you have questions regarding your student's ability or desire to participate in the recital, please don't hesitate to ask! We want this to be a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. 

The recital will be on June 3rd and June 4th. The recital days are already posted on the information board. The start time is 1:30pm. Students should arrive by 1:00pm. The doors for the audience will not open until 1:00pm. Tickets for the show will go on sale at the studio during picture week. See below for more information about rehearsals.

Recital expectations:

Students will arrive by 1:00 pm. Dressing rooms are in the back. Students should have their hair neatly pulled back in a bun or french braid. Students are expected to be fully dressed in their costumes 10 numbers prior to going on stage. Once they're ready to go and lined up, please feel free to take your seat in the auditorium. We have staff to supervise the kids backstage. Please remember to bring all parts to the costumes, including hair pieces, tights, and required shoes. Don't forget your t-shirt and black bottoms (pants, shorts, leggings, NO JEANS) for the finale!

Our students and teachers have worked very hard this year. Please show your respect for all by remaining in your seats while dancers are performing. We understand you'll need to get up to go get your dancer, but please don't do it while someone else is on stage. Students should not wear their costumes in the audience. All students will participate in the finale, so they should be dressed in their recital t-shirts and black bottoms 10 numbers prior to the end of the show. 



Costume deposits of $50 per student are due in December. Final payments are due in January. Costumes are ordered at this time and cannot be ordered at a later date. If your child indicates that they are not participating in the recital, a costume will not be ordered for them. 

If your child needs tights for their costume, you will be notified and be able to order them at that time. 

Billing for costumes and tights will go through the portal, as will billing for the recital T-shirts, which are worn for the finale.

Please make sure that your child has the required shoes for their class.

Ballet: Pink shoes (not satin slippers)

Tap: Black tap shoes

Jazz: Black Jazz Shoes

Hip Hop: Black Jazz Shoes unless otherwise specified

Photos courtesy of Denis Nally Photography

Getting Ready for the Recital

In-House Rehearsals and Pictures:

The week of May 21st-25th will be picture week. The schedule has been posted on the information board. Students will do their group photo first in Studio A and then move to Studio B to practice their dance in their costume. 

What to Bring for each student:

  • Costumes for all dances

  • Hairpieces (if applicable) for all dances

  • Tights (or socks)

  • Required shoes (listed above by class)

  • Hair pulled back

Cohoes High Rehearsals:

A rehearsal will be scheduled for all students during the week of May 30th-June 2nd. This will be held at Cohoes High School (1 Tiger Circle, Cohoes, NY), which is the location of the recital. This rehearsal gives students a chance to practice on the stage before the big day. 

The schedule for this has been posted on the information board. 

What to Wear and Bring:

  • Green finale t-shirt (handed out during last week of class)

  • Black bottoms (leggings, yoga pants, shorts. Jeans are NOT permitted)

  • Dance shoes 

  • Your student

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