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“Jump off the beam, flip off the bars, follow your dreams and reach for the stars.”

-Nadia Comaneci


Gymnastics Programs

Spendwood School of Dance and Gymnastics offers a wide selection of Gymnastic class options, from Parent/Tot and preschool programs to rhythmic gymnastics classes and cheerleading training. 


  • All ages, beginning at 18 months in Parent/Tot

  • Beginner to Advanced

  • Tumbling

  • Boys Gymnastics

Classes begin at 30 minutes for Parent/Tot and Preschool. Around the age of 5, classes are 60 minutes,

Year-End In-House Exhibition

There is a year-end In-House Gymnastics exhibition. This includes ALL gymnastics students, including Parent/Tot. Professional photos of students will be taken during classes in March. This is optional but most students do want to participate.

Please check back for details and registration in 2023.

We also provide a June Gymnastics program and 6-week Summer Camp and Summer Class Schedule for those interested.



Dress Code

Gymnasts may wear a leotard, gym shorts and/or footless tights with the leotard and bare feet. No baggy clothing and no shorts with buckles or zippers (they catch on the equipment) will be allowed. T-shirts must be worn over sports bras. For your convenience, these items are for sale in our store.


Hair should be pulled back neatly and no jewelry should be worn during classes. This is for the safety of the gymnast.

A water bottle is suggested and permitted in the gym. There is no other food or drink allowed in the gym. Parents, guardians, and siblings are not allowed in the gym. There is seating for observation on two levels. 

Register for Classes Now!

To register for classes, please sign in to the portal. First-time users will have to create an account. Please note that there is a $30 registration fee per student, payable online at time of registration).

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